Year round the Schokogalerie maintains a cool twenty degrees celsius ambient temperature, providing the perfect climate for their extensive range of chocolates collected from the world's best cocoa producers to satisfy every taste and whim. The temperate conditions and intoxicating sweet smells will most likely tempt you to stay for a hot chocolate - perhaps with a dash of cinnamon, or even chilli, Mayan style. Downstairs a small exhibition of pictures and artifacts illustrating the chocolate production story surround a snug seating area. Schokogalerie places great attention on where their delicious dark, milk and white chocolate hails from. Brands like Claudio Corallo and Ecuadorian Kallari champion smaller growers who produce such sublime cocoa beans that less sugar and refining are required to yield smooth-tasting, delicious and healthy dark chocolate bars. Indulgent truffles, colorful filled sweet treats, plus an array of wines and distinctive dry fruit liqueurs selected to compliment chocolate tasting, are all begging to be gift wrapped by the attentive store owners as a gift for a special someone. Just make sure you treat yourself as well!Show lessRead more

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