In the lively Stargarder Strasse, in the heart of Berlin’s Prenzlauer Berg, a small store with a grand idea behind it has opened its doors: Kontinentalwaren. Founder Dirk Brinkmann’s idea is to promote the concept of Slow Shopping. With Slow Shopping he follows the philosophy to offer his customers only products that are far away from throw-away quality made in China, but instead he offers products with a sense of provenance and of high quality. So at Kontinentalwaren you will only come across carefully selected brand-name products with cult status that are exclusively manufactured in Europe, including stationary, household goods and toys. You will be able to find ceramic bowls from Mason Cash, a much-loved British brand for kitchen ware, Duralex-glasses, traditionally used in French school canteens, Famos the legendary vegetable peeler made in Germany, colourful enamel jugs from Poland and old school toy cars made by Kovap in the Czech Republic. To spread the word on his philosophy and to educate the costumer, Dirk Brinkmann offers information cards on all of the products and their manufacturers.Show lessRead more

    Stargarder Straße 19 , Berlin



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