Frau Tonis Parfum

    Leaving the tourists of nearby Checkpoint Charlie behind, walking into Frau Tonis Parfum will make any perfume aficionado's heart beat faster. Unlike any department store beauty counter, Frau Tonis focuses purely on the scents themselves. Growing up in an industrial town with an unusually stylish grandmother, the store's namesake Frau Toni, whose photograph discreetly watches over the boutique from a corner, owner Stefanie Hanssen wanted to create a place that didn't exist yet in Germany. In the minimal décor of the elegant, all-white boutique, fragrances exclusive to the store fill glass flacons, ready to be opened and sniffed to your heart's content (no spraying allowed). Scents such as Marlene Dietrich's favorite violet or “Berlin Summer” aim to take customers on a journey through olfactory memory. The scents can also be layered to create individual fragrances and the store also offers scent workshops for those who wish to delve deeper into the art of perfume creation.Show lessRead more

    Zimmerstrasse 13 , Berlin


    Health & Beauty


    Public Transport
    Kochstrasse (U6)


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