At a time when capturing digital images has never been easier, this bright little store pays homage to the golden days of analog photography. Tucked away on a narrow street just off Gran de Gràcia, Nostàlgic flies the flag for traditional photography, offering all manner of old-school cameras, from vintage Kodaks to legendary Polaroids. It’s run by a pair of siblings, whose dream of reviving the art of pure photography meshes perfectly in the boho neighbourhood of Gràcia. As the name suggests, Nostàlgic harks back to a bygone era of film-based photography, far removed from today’s endless stream of instant cellphone snaps. In Nostàlgic you can find cameras from simple pinholes and throwaway compacts to top-of-the-range models and an accompanying selection of films, lenses and camera cases. Decorative prints are on sale and there’s also a variety of photography books perfect for anyone needing brush up on their technique. Show lessRead more

    C/ Goya 18 , Barcelona