Although the name may translate to "grocery store," you won’t find bread and butter basics at Colmado.  (That is unless wooden watches, fish-shaped handbags and ukuleles made from candy boxes are your staples). This Pandora’s box of surprising signature pieces – and the yarns behind the yarns - is lovingly collated by the imaginative Susana Rey. She enthusiastically recounts chance discoveries of Vaska leather handbags and POG Italian architect-made brogues. Nestled within the Born hive of designers-doing-it-for-themselves, hangers repurposed into honeycomb-shaped displays showcase Diarte jacquard knits, the delicate equilibrium of Julieta Alvarez necklaces and Manuel Bolaño felt hats. Full (an alternate meaning of "colmado") of masterpieces, Rey likens her store to an art museum where providence is key. “I choose special pieces," she says. "I don’t just look for quality, but also shapes – great geometric designs or unusual seamless patterns.” Whether sourced from London or Italy, made herself or by her mother or designer friends, you can be sure that each item is locally produced and that only four or five people in the world are lucky enough to have the same as you. Show lessRead more

    C/Brosoli 5 , Barcelona

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