Just a few streets in from Barceloneta's sandy shore, hungry souls can treat themselves to some of the tastiest bread in the city. Baluard employs traditional Catalan baking techniques and a massive wood-burning oven to serve up fresh, carb-tastic creations six days a week. Owner Anna Bellsolà comes from a family with a strong baking tradition, which taught her that true quality can't be rushed. Most of the Baluard's dough is left to ferment for at least twelve hours, while the daily baking process begins at one in the morning, seven hours prior to the official opening time. Once Baluard's doors do open, it doesn't take long for the queue to form. A wait might be inevitable, but the bakery's loyal customers know what they are getting. A vast choice of bread ranges from traditional Catalan fare like various pa de cereals or pa de sègols, to French staples like baguettes and croissants. There's also plenty here to satisfy your sweet tooth: think apple tarts, brownies and curd creations with fruity gelatin toppings. For those who can't make it out to Barceloneta, Baluard's products can also be had at the more centrally located Woki Organic Market on Ronda de la Universitat.Show lessRead more

    C/ del Baluart 38-40 , Barcelona




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    L4 (Barceloneta)

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