Uncommon Objects

    There is a feeling of family stirring within Uncommon Objects, which somehow defies logic as the plethora of items housed there seem to have little to do with each other at first glance. The sense of community in this bustling South Congress shop is created by 26 unique vendors who unite, along with Uncommon Object’s owner, artist Steve Wiman, to create a cohesive expression from thousands of objects that have lived many lives throughout various periods. As you walk through the aisles, styled with aesthetics and experience in mind, you are able to visually digest, through color blocking and meticulous merchandising, this constantly evolving art project. Made up of found antique and vintage items from around the world, Uncommon Objects is a playground of time-worn and well-loved taxidermy, tins, pins, jewelry, furniture, kitsch, cameras, masonic and freemason materials, industrial American objects, primitive pieces, household items, army relics, medical paraphernalia and more. Merchandise moves so quickly that half the week is spent reconfiguring and styling the vacant spaces left by sales. The stories told through the displays are a source of inspiration for Austin’s artists, writers, photographers, musicians and designers who frequent the shop. If viewed as a prolonged exhibition of sorts, each purchase is, in effect, an investment that preserves and supports this ever changing circle of camaraderie that celebrates new stories found in old objects, passing on wisdoms of the past to those who have learned to listen. Show lessRead more

    1602 Fortview Rd , Austin

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