Switched On

    It would be easy to overlook the unique treasures and patient souls housed beyond the paint-patched walls of Switched On’s audio arcadia. But inside, an incredible and ever-rotating collection of rare vintage wonders including an EMS Polysynthi, Mellotron M400 and an Atari C240 Video Music stand alongside the newest audio inventions like Rare Waves Grendel Grenadier, Bleeplabs and Make Noise Shared Systems. Beyond Switched On’s shop floor, a pod of uniquely talented technicians lovingly revitalize music gear that would have otherwise been deemed doomed. Above, the carcasses of sound machines past line the repair shop walls like Texan game, ready for a revamp. Despite the distinct coolness of this synthesizer wonderland, all are treated equal, bringing musical electronic devices to both novices and experts. Show lessRead more

    2400 E Cesar Chavez St #200 , Austin


    Public Transport
    Bus: 2323 E 2nd/Mildred (17, 320)
    Plaza Saltillo (550)

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