Scent-Box `Edgy Berlin`

Price: 3 x 7,5 ml / 45,00 EUR 3 x 15 ml / 85,00 EUR

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Sold By: Frau Tonis Parfum

Categories: Bath & Body

Subcategories: Fragrance

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Edgy Berlin: 3 perfumes (unisex!), that smell "like an evocative journey through the sensual richness of one’s own past.”
OUD Weiss combines incense, amber and oud, Bogota Berlin takes you on a trip to the (urban) jungle and Aventure warms (vetiver, patchouli) with incredible sharpness (pepper).

Aventure | Peppery, Woody, Maritime

Bogota Berlin | Peppery, Spicy, Maritim

OUD Weiss | Spicy, Elegant, Exotic

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