A Guide to Pairing Beer With Food

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If your idea of beer with food is a pint of lager and a packet of crisps, think again.

Choosing the right beer for your food is an art in itself – get it wrong and you could end up with bitterly awful results... don’t throw the towel in though – here to help is our guide to pairing Beer with Food!

No longer drown a Thai curry with a Porter – it should sing with a Saison! The guide comprises of 61 food entries and 40 beer styles, giving you perfect pairings, good pairings, and ones to avoid, with a few surprises to boot. You may find your new favourite.

From Amber ale to Witbier, Antipasti to White fish – there are 2440 combos of beer and food to help you find beery food nirvana.

76cm x 48cm six colour unbleached organic cotton tea towel. Made in the UK.

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