• Ten thousand things New york
  • Named after the Tao Te Ching, a visit to this Tribeca jewelry shop is indeed almost a spiritual experience. The minimalist, wooden decor is offset by the elaborate intricacy of its beautifully handcrafted jewelry, each piece more elegant than the last. Given the artistry on display, you might even think that you’ve wandered into one of the city’s many art galleries, but don’t be intimidated. Store manager Jill Keenan will be happy to help. She… More info
    7 Harrison St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10013
  • Laura lobdell New york
  • Laura Lobdell's intimate boutique is surely one of the smallest and most charming in the West Village. Her inspiration comes from found objects, which she avidly collects and casts in precious metals. Charming and atypical, Laura finds inspiration in all kinds of overlooked objects like champagne tops, matchbooks, and lobster claws. Laura’s jewelry has a hefty weight, which adds a feeling of luxury to fascinating pieces like a bubble wand… More info
    183 W 10th St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10014
  • Aesa New york
  • A minimalist oasis in the heart of Soho, AESA jewelry has a museum-like atmosphere. The interior, designed by Loren Daye (of the Ace Hotel) and aided by a striking backdrop designed by Yolande Batteau (of Chanel and Louis Vuitton), lets the jewelry take center stage. Designer and owner Randi Mates stumbled upon a passion for metallurgy while working as a historian and curator. Her architecturally fluid designs inspired by classical Greek and… More info
    35 Crosby St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10013
  • Jill platner New york
  • Jill Platner knows what she likes. Since opening her boutique in 1999, the jewelry designer has been consistent in her style, always referencing natural elements in her elegant designs. Some styles have been available for over 2 decades, like the silver and rawhide pieces that have become synonymous with her name. Every piece is produced downstairs in Platner’s design studio, with a handful of women working on producing unique sterling silver… More info
    113 Crosby St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10012
  • Alexis bittar New york
  • The story everyone loves to tell about Alexis Bittar is how he started out selling his wares on the streets of Soho. Walking into his boutique on Broome street, you wouldn’t think the costume jewelry wunderkind could’ve had such humble beginnings, but it’s easy to see why he took off. Bittar’s material of choice is certainly Lucite, which is colored in lovely shades of candy pink and cerulean blue. Crystal and stone earrings make a case for… More info
    1100 Madison Ave, Manhattan, New York, NY 10028
  • Erica weiner New york
  • Erica Weiner’s boutique is a perfect mix of old and new. Since opening in 2010, the young designer has been stocking her delightful space with antique and new jewelry pieces, contrasting styles like Art Deco and Victorian to great effect. Her background lies in art history and theater costuming, so it’s easy to see why she has such a fine appreciation for vintage. The best pieces mix the contemporary and antique, like vintage medallions or… More info
    173 Elizabeth St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10012
  • Wendy nichol New york
  • Wendy Nichol’s boutique may be small on space but is high on style. Walking in you’ll find anywhere between 2-4 employees hard at work making just what you see in front of you: fine leather handbags, accessories, and jewelry. Wendy’s jewelry selection features small geometric earrings and rings, with pyramids, leather wrapped cuffs and wrought metal bracelets. Nichol’s handbags are versatile and easy, like a blonde pony-hair bucket bag that can… More info
    147 Sullivan St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10012
  • Deco jewels New york
  • Deco Jewels on Thompson Street will take you back to the SoHo of old, before the Prada stores and sushi joints pushing pieces of hamachi at eight bucks a pop. Run by the ever-charming Janice Berkson, Deco specializes in costume jewelry and other fabulous accessories from the '20s to the '60s. Whether it's brooches, chokers or earrings, this boutique is sure to please those who appreciate both the gorgeous and the slightly garish. If you have any… More info
    131 Thompson St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10012
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