• Dave's quality meats New york
  • Opened in 2003 by Chris Keeffe, a professional skateboarder from New York City, Dave’s Quality Meats outfits the city’s boarders and bikers from head to toe with a selection of the latest shoes, skateboards, bags, hats, shirts and jackets. Located in a prime spot on 3rd street just off the Bowery, DQM is a minimalist shop with a meat market theme, where shoes are displayed on meat tenderizers and clothing hangs from meat hooks. However, the… More info
    7 East 3rd St, Manhattan, New York, NY 10003
  • Odin New york
  • Injecting a modicum of urbane, European manner into sturdy American menswear, Odin’s aim is to be trend-aware without wandering astray under the spell of fashion’s most capricious whims. A visit to the flagship Soho store quickly reveals an aesthetic cohesion grounded in appreciation of classic form with a focus on details that subtly differentiate and lend a contemporary feel. The staff boasts considerable knowledge about new designers and the… More info
    328 East 11th St , Manhattan, New York, NY 10003
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