• Babeland New york (Other, Adult)
  • Babeland may be the first adult store in which you feel comfortable. Why? It's actually adult, as in mature. The store stocks everything from condoms and lubes to exotic motorized devices and good old whips and chains, but the best part is you’ll be more likely to buy than to snicker. Babeland has ingeniously replaced the inflatable novelties and creepy clerks at most adult stores with practical tools and a staff of friendly, knowledgeable… More info
    462 Bergen St, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Luddite New york (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Luddite is a densely curated antique store that specializes in early electric lighting. Walking into the shop is akin to entering a forest of metal and glass under a canopy of light fixtures that stretches back into a space replete with vintage delights and bits of history. The extensive collection of lighting comes from some of the earliest companies in the US, including Faries, O.C. White, I.P. Frink, Hubble and Benjamin, but Luddite's passion… More info
    201 Franklin St, New York, NY 11222
  • Repop New york (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • A few years ago, Rusell Boyle decided he needed a break from the hustle and bustle of New York. He moved to Kansas City to focus on his artwork, but as fate would have it he ended up designing the look and feel of a dry goods store. After residents started to take notice of his creative window displays he realized he had found a passion, and moved back to Brooklyn to open RePOP, a vintage gallery featuring unique furniture, home decor items and… More info
    143 Roebling St, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Brooklyn charm New york (Other, Arts & Crafts)
  • Basking in the glow of Etsy superstardom, former Artists & Fleas vendor Tracie Howarth sought a way to surpass her success as an online supplier of jewelry and charm-making materials. So in March 2010 Howarth—a jewelry designer herself—opened Brooklyn Charm, a brick-and-mortar complement to her Etsy venture, Epoch Beads. Now, just off bustling Bedford Avenue sits a veritable toy box of beads, stones, metal trinkets and chains waiting to be… More info
    145 Bedford Ave , Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • Kempton & co New york (Accessories, Bags)
  • Fiona Kempton has been designing since she was a child. She always knew that she would have her own line one day, and after graduating from fashion school she set out to make her dream a reality, designing a line of distinctive technology-oriented handbags built to carry laptops, iPads and other devices. In 2013 she opened the doors of Kempton & Co in Red Hook, which serves as both boutique and workshop where she designs and creates bags that are… More info
    392 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn, NY 11231
  • Baggu New york (Accessories, Bags)
  • Since the summer of 2012, Baggu has become a full-time resident of Wythe Avenue in Williamsburg after a successful run as what was meant to just be a pop-up shop. Success and evolution is not new for this company, however, even though this bright and open store in the heart of the hippest part of Brooklyn is currently their only permanent location. The original concept was a nylon shopper that could be folded into a small square, but the… More info
    242 Wythe Ave, New York, NY 11249
  • Ad hoc New york (Accessories, Bags)
  • Austin Davila his retail career making leather dog collars adorned with miniature bow ties. Today he still makes them, but he is also running Ad Hoc, a menswear store featuring an eclectic mixture of new and used clothing, accessories and odds and ends. Austin expanded his leather line to include belts that he fashions himself in his workshop, and hopes to continue adding new products continuously. His wares come from diverse sources and places… More info
    135 Wyth Ave, New York, NY 11211
  • Bakeri New york (Food, Bakery)
  • Deep in the heart of Williamsburg, Bakeri is bustling with activity. The charming little bakery is always packed with customers–some sipping coke out of glass bottles and basking in the sunshine in front of the shop, others enjoying delicious pastries and hearty sandwiches under a lush trellis in the back garden. The friendly and professional staff crafts all of the culinary offerings on premise, from the cakes and cookies to the artisan… More info
    150 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
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