• Pink olive New york (Children, Babies)
  • Some people are great gift givers, seeming to always know what will be greeted with a genuine smile. It’s a gift to the rest of us when one of these people opens a store. Pink Olive in the East Village near Tompkins Square and in Park Slope, Brooklyn, carries great gift options for babies, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and other giving celebrations. Owner Grace Kang is one of these great-gift-giving people and opened Pink Olive in 2007 after… More info
    167 Fifth Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11217
  • Norman & jules New york (Children, Toys)
  • Courtney Ebner and Avi Kravitz list talking to customers as one of their “most favorite things,” and for good reason: the people who come through the door of Norman & Jules might be bringing their children to storytime, or perhaps are on a quest for a hand-crafted artisan toy to add to the playroom, and who isn’t fun to talk to when the focus is on imagination? Since opening its doors in 2012, the Park Slope toy shop has become a neighborhood… More info
    158 7th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11215
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