• Luddite New york (Home & Design, Antiques)
  • Luddite is a densely curated antique store that specializes in early electric lighting. Walking into the shop is akin to entering a forest of metal and glass under a canopy of light fixtures that stretches back into a space replete with vintage delights and bits of history. The extensive collection of lighting comes from some of the earliest companies in the US, including Faries, O.C. White, I.P. Frink, Hubble and Benjamin, but Luddite's passion… More info
    201 Franklin St, New York, NY 11222
  • Word New york (Other, Stationery)
  • WORD is a neighborhood bookstore that will remind you why print publishing will never slip into obscurity, even as we live on the front lines of technology. Owner Christine Onorati has worked with books for her entire life, first in publishing, and then as the proprietor of a bookstore on Long Island. She opened Word in 2007, and as soon as you step into the cozy Greenpoint shop you know that you’re in capable hands. Onorati does all the buying… More info
    126 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Homecoming New york (Home & Design, Flowers & Garden)
  • Homecoming is an adorable cafe-flower shop fusion in the heart of Greenpoint, Brooklyn. The owner, Vanessa Chinga-Haven, had always dreamed of opening her own cafe, and when she finally got the chance she decided to draw upon her background in floral design and create a unique experience for her customers. Her husband, Scott Haven, suggested that she add home decor to the mix, and the concept evolved organically to include candles, tableware… More info
    107 Franklin St, Brooklyn, NY 10013
  • Bellocq tea atelier New york (Food, Coffee & Tea)
  • Tea is more than just hot water and dried leaves - it is a history, an origin and an adventure, and Bellocq Tea Atelier seeks to create an elaborate, almost poetic experience. The artisan company was formed when Heidi Johannsen Stewart, Michael Shannon and Scott Stewart joined forces to fill the gap in a tea market flooded with bags yet bereft of flavor. They start by sourcing the highest quality base tea from single estate high-elevation… More info
    104 West St , New York, NY 11222
  • Wolves within New york (Accessories, Bags)
  • Bethany and Max Vogel both come from the beach, and it shows. The married co-owners of Wolves Within have brought a little coastal flavor to Greenpoint, self-designing their shop with heavy raw wood and steel elements and adorning it with bits and pieces that they pulled from the sands of their childhoods. Both owners have drawn on their extensive experience in the art world to curate the selection of men and women's clothing in the shop in the… More info
    174 Franklin St, New York, NY 11222
  • Loren New york (Clothing, Women's Clothing)
  • A needle and thread might seem unlikely tools for Loren Cronk, who grew up in Arizona “wrenching on cars”, but the success of this denim maven’s eponymous boutique is much more than happenstance. Initially applying his design faculties to outdoor sportswear, Cronk’s skillful garment construction soon garnered the attention of Levi’s Jeans and international high-end boutiques. Nestled on the borders of Williamsburg and Greenpoint alongside… More info
    80 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
  • Oak New york (Clothing, Women's Clothing)
  • Oak
    Since opening in 2007, Jeff Madalena and Louis Terline’s OAK NYC has been dominating the downtown set with their modern mix of conceptual fashion and ease of wear. Black may be what the boutique is known for, but the real appeal is in garments that push a 21st century take on fashion. Pieces by Acne, Alexander Wang, and Preen are taken straight from the streets so it’s easy to imagine the styling possibilities behind textured knits and oversized… More info
    55 Nassau Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211
  • In god we trust New york (Accessories, Bags)
  • The In God We Trust line launched in 2006 and has slowly evolved into a unified statement on how you should be dressing. In short, imagine Oxford co-eds carrying satchels and reading Chaucer to each other in the quad and you’ll get a sense of the kind of pieces In God We Trust has to offer. There’s definitely a vintage influence in smart Prince of Wales check pattern skirts and plaid nip-waist coats. The label is locally produced in New York’s… More info
    70 Greenpoint Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11222
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