• Modern anthology New york (Accessories, Men's Accessories)
  • Walking into Modern Anthology feels a lot like stepping onto a film set. To wit, local directors and photographers sometimes do set up shop at the moody DUMBO boutique, where a series of vignettes provides rich background material—not to mention plenty for shoppers to covet. There is the evocative furniture, ranging from antique carpentry tables to a grand, tufted “library” sofa. And a selection of wares so varied that a man could conceivably… More info
    68 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
  • Stewart/stand New york (Accessories, Men's Accessories)
  • Walking through Stewart/Stand is kind of like walking through the gift shop of a design museum. But only kind of. The difference is that, instead of a museum in the more typical sense, the museum that this shop belongs to is the City of New York itself. Putting their fingers on the pulse of NYC style, the owners of Stewart/Stand have filled their shelves with highly-unique and highly-functional design objects. Sleek and durable, yet also… More info
    141 Front St, Brooklyn, NY 11201
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