Barcelona's Second-Hand Clothes Movement


Vintage clothing has come a long way since the days of inheriting your grandmother’s ball gown, or scouring charity shops for the odd piece of knitwear. In fact it would seem that the very idea has travelled full circle.


Exquisitely crafted pieces that were once so sought-after by few have been replaced by hordes of overpriced, ragged Levis and moth-eaten t-shirts, a mainstream lifestyle unto its own. Today, paying for something with a vintage tag doesn’t necessarily mean it will last, implicating that - in these times of austerity – vintage isn’t always economically viable.



So why not exchange your unwanted clothes – wherever and whenever you bought them – with other likeminded individuals without even having to part with your hard-earned paycheck? Say hello to the second-hand clothes movement, a concept born in Barcelona as people tire of the expense with which “vintage” is now often synonymous.


The city’s TwoMarket events have completely revitalized the genre through encouraging anyone to exchange worn clothing or set up stalls at their regular flea-markets. Hosted in different locations throughout the city every other weekend, the concept has exploded in popularity since starting out in July 2011.




Twomarket is part-jumble (at the Rai Art Center on c/carders), part-garage sale ("On the Garage," in the vast space that is Poblenou's Ovella Negra pub). Snobby attitudes about what is and what isn’t have all but disappeared - anything is acceptable here, making TwoMarket a welcome addition to the city’s mercadillos. We’re certain the second-hand movement has wings. Other cities, take note. 


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