• Ting Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Beautiful objects from the Far East and the near north is how Laura Huppert describes the unique assortment of products on sale at her Prenzlauer Berg shop, Ting. Household items and accessories are in greatest supply, including little hairclips from Japan, blankets from Norway, a desk from Denmark and sweets from Thailand. The store owner makes regular trips to Scandinavia and Asia to keep her supply fresh and well-stocked. Nearly every piece… More info
    Rykestrasse 41, Berlin, 10405
  • Süper store Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Located on lovely Dieffenbachstrasse in the heart of Graefekiez in Kreuzberg, Süper Store offers carefully selected everyday objects for the home with a focus on simplicity and craftsmenship. The wide variety of beautiful, useful and long-lasting objects relative to the modest space has an eclectic and charming feel to it - the owners' love for what they sell is tangible in the quietly gorgeous quality of everything in the store. Not just a… More info
    Dieffenbachstrasse 12 , Berlin, 10967
  • Sabrina dehoff Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Trained at the Royal College of Art in London, Sabrina Dehoff worked as a fashion designer for the likes of Lanvin before launching her eponymous women's jewelry line in 2006. The elegant, dark interior of her Mitte store, located right on the fashion corridor of Torstrasse, allows her collection of playful, high-glam fashion jewelry pieces to take center stage. Chunky gold-plated rings, cuffs and necklaces feature oversized gem-colored… More info
    Torstrasse 175, Berlin, 10115
  • Antique & vintage jewellery Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Oliver Rheinfrank came from a background in art history and worked as a fashion stylist. His passion for beautiful objets d'art from bygone eras lent itself to dealing antique jewelry and accessories. In 2006, his collection had grown to fill an entire room and so Antique Jewellery was born and in 2010 moved to its Linienstrasse location. The collection includes necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, brooches, cufflinks, cameos and tie pins… More info
    Linienstrasse 44, Berlin, 10119
  • Oona Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Oona Galerie in Berlin’s gallery hot spot Mitte is the place to go for cutting edge contemporary jewelry. Pieces from 20 internationally renowned designers and artists like Japanese Mikiko Minewaki, Lisa Walker from New Zealand, Marc Monzó from Spain and Svenja John from Germany are shown and sold here. Most necklaces, rings, bracelets and brooches are one of a kind and are not only designed but also made by the artists themselves. “What excites… More info
    Auguststrasse 26, Berlin, 10117
  • Oukan Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Located in the upscale shopping area Friedrichstrasse on two spacious floors, Oukan is a unique concept store that marries Japanese fashion with international avant-garde design. Spanning 300 square meters, the sleek boutique stems from a temporary project that granted forty Japanese designers the space to show their collections in Berlin during Fashion Week in 2011, shortly after the tsunami catastrophe in Japan. Evolving into a permanent… More info
    Kronenstrasse 71, Berlin, 10117
  • The optimistic store Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • As an art director in Paris, Yky Galore added a personal touch to luxury products while working with events and branding. In 2009, she moved to Hamburg and later Berlin, where she fell in love with the energy of the Brunnenstrasse area and its original style and youthful outlook. The concept of The Optimistic Store is more than just clothing - it is a reflection of the owner, her philosophy of not taking herself too seriously and always being… More info
    Rochstrasse 17, Berlin, 10178
  • Down by retro Berlin (Accessories, Jewelry)
  • Nestled in Neukoelln’s trendy tree-lined Weserstrasse is the vibrant and effortlessly cool Down by Retro. Laura Le Marchand established the shop in 2013 in conjunction with Bass Cadet Records, which is housed in the same space. Both sections of the shop serve as a means to create a “meeting point” for Berlin’s local music and fashion communities. In Down by Retro’s section, you’ll find well-designed contemporary vintage clothing, quality brands… More info
    Weserstraße 189, Berlin, 12045
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