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Review of Pelicans & Parrots in LONDON

When Pelicans and Parrots opened on Stoke Newington Road in the summer of 2010 it was thanks to the efforts of Dalstonites Juliette Da Silva and Ochuko Ojiri. With Da Silva already a textile designer, Ojiri’s history as a buyer made them the perfect match. After launching a second store - Pelicans and Parrots Black - just a stone’s throw from the first, something of a mini-monopoly has sprung up in the area. The original store is a smorgasbord of wearable classics, dealing in anything from vintage Italian jumpsuits to tailored tweed. Alongside the clothing, there is room for an array of curious Victorian ornaments as well as the shop's signature record player-cum-cabinet – a must-have for anyone with a love for vinyl! Pelicans and Parrots Black is an altogether shadier place. Its dark, rich interior is all anthropological-chic, and provides an apt home for its exotic couture. Trinidadian headdresses sit amongst salvaged antique armchairs, vintage men’s workwear and tin wash basins. “At Pelicans and Parrots the products are either stunning, or just really, really useful,” says Ochuko. That’s two good reasons to pay a visit.

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