Iceskating in Vienna

After last night's opening the "Wiener Eistraum" at the Rathausplatz is now ready for the winter 2012 season. The Wiener Eistraum is an experience unique to Vienna as the ice rink covers almost all of the townhall park and winds it's way through the trees and gardens. Beautifully lit, the neo-Gothic townhall building towers above the skaters, making for the perfect romantic excursion.



If you prefer a fun night out, reserve an "Eisstockbahn" so you and your friends can participate in the traditional Austrian sport of "Eisstockschiessen" (similar to curling); you can even have your get-together catered, just check online ahead of time. Whether you skate or curl, afterwards, you can pop across the street to Landtmann's Coffeehouse for a melange (classic Viennese coffee) or a hot chocolate and then wander home through the wintry streets of Vienna.


For prices and info, please check the website. The rink is open every day from 9 am to 10 pm until March 4th.