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New stores

  • Furniture

    For fans of interior design and decorating Zinc Details is the ideal destination. Founded in 1991 by Vasilios “Vas” Kiniris and wife Wendy Kiniris, Zinc Details has remained one of San Francisco’s premiere boutiques to find new and innovative home furnishings. Championing modern design as a lifestyle choice, the Kiniris' aim to curate an inventive collection of global designers. Specializing in European design, Zinc features a variety of mid-century pieces from Italian brand Alessi, to sofas from Denmark to vintage Czechoslovakian figurines from the 1920s. Vibrant and full of color, Zinc also celebrates art - particularly San Francisco-focused art prints. With a wide range of price points, patrons can walk away with anything from an alarm clock to a bed frame and find something that suits their needs. Focusing on utility before aesthetic, whether in the home or the office, Zinc Details is a great resource to add style to your living space without sacrificing function. read more

  • Men & Women

    Surface to Air is no newbie when it comes to multitasking. A creative agency founded in 2000 by Jérémie Rozan and Aldric Speer, they're known for dabbling in film, photography, design, communication, and the thing that ties them all together - fashion. Surface to Air's ready-to-wear line started with a men's collection in 2004, followed by the women's in 2007. The Marais flagship store, opened in 2010 and designed by Paris-based architect Federico Masotto, is the embodiment of Parisian style displayed in all its 150 square meter space. Streamlined jeans, unexpectedly-cut dresses, bomber jackets, and fashionable shoes and eyewear all hint at chic, sleek, slouchy and nonchalant, with just a hint of androgyny to round it all off. And to keep everyone on their toes, Surface to Air collaborates with world-renowned artists for exciting capsule collections, including Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon's mix-and-match pieces, Justice and Kid Cudi's leather jackets, Aaron Young's bold prints of sunsets and palm trees, and Kavinsky's varsity jackets. read more

  • Toys

    Founded in 2007 by Elizabeth Leu, Fiddlesticks, inspired by the playful expression denoting frustration and exasperation, offers clothing, accessories and toys for toddlers and children ranging from infants to age twelve. Amidst the idyllic interior, one can find clothes for both boys and girls by Tea, engaging puzzles and games like the Circus Observation Puzzle from French company Djeco, and quality toys including the creative Eeboo Make Me A Story line. Stuffed rabbits, mermaids and pirates by Danish label Maileg can be found peeking out from behind stacks of hard and soft-covered books with titles like The Boy Who Grew Flowers and Dragons Love Tacos. If you’re looking for a distinctive gift for that special child, be sure to ask one of the friendly sales associates, whose knowledge and love of children’s’ toys will help guide you to that perfect and whimsical present. read more


  • Shopikon jason oliva 01 cover home

    Most wine shops don’t house artist studios, or perhaps most artists don’t make themselves at home in wine shops, but Jason Oliva and New York Vintners and have struck the perfect balance in their collaborative space in Manhattan’s TriBeCa neighborhood.     In addition to an impressive selection of wines, the shop hosts events, classes and tastings, and…

  • Shopikon haggerston riviera towpath cafe cover home

    Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Saint-Tropez… the towns dotted along the French Riviera each have a certain je nais se quoi,but none of them boast the cutting edge art credentials of East London’s newly named water-side stretch of chic. As an array of cafes, bars and galleries have flocked to its banks; a certain stretch of the Regent’s Canal has recently gained the (knowingly ironic?) nickname of The…