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  • Furniture

    Known for pioneering vintage artisanship in the burgeoning Western Addition/NOPA district since 2008, photographer Kelly Ishikawa and designer/stylist Rod Hipskind opened The Perish Trust on Divisadero with the same artistic ambition and discerning aesthetic that inspired their own careers. The Perish Trust curates the finest collection of diligently handcrafted home goods, original heirlooms and bespoke handiwork in the city, and is recognized as one of the more unique, authentic California craftsmanship proprietors in the Bay Area. The Perish Trust consigns and buys from local and non-local artists, seasonally showcasing exclusive collections on its website in addition to the original selection offered at its brick and mortar shop in Alamo Square. The Perish Trust also hosts two unique showrooms in the store itself: The Kitchen, which sells a specialized line of Oakland-based Umami Mart’s Japanese-influenced bar and table wares, kitchen accessories and a carefully curated stock of culinary goodies, and The Library - a handsome pop-up gallery often featuring curious and emerging brands from Warby Parker eyewear to the original Juniper Ridge wilderness fragrances. Past collaborations with Scribe Winery, The Ramen Shop, Meatpaper and Anthology magazines, OPEN and Chez Panisse, and a keen emphasis on offering one-of-a-kind inventory that its customers adore but don't necessarily expect, are what makes The Perish Trust a San Francisco treat. read more

  • Furniture

    For fans of interior design and decorating Zinc Details is the ideal destination. Founded in 1991 by Vasilios “Vas” Kiniris and wife Wendy Kiniris, Zinc Details has remained one of San Francisco’s premiere boutiques to find new and innovative home furnishings. Championing modern design as a lifestyle choice, the Kiniris' aim to curate an inventive collection of global designers. Specializing in European design, Zinc features a variety of mid-century pieces from Italian brand Alessi, to sofas from Denmark to vintage Czechoslovakian figurines from the 1920s. Vibrant and full of color, Zinc also celebrates art - particularly San Francisco-focused art prints. With a wide range of price points, patrons can walk away with anything from an alarm clock to a bed frame and find something that suits their needs. Focusing on utility before aesthetic, whether in the home or the office, Zinc Details is a great resource to add style to your living space without sacrificing function. read more

  • Men & Women

    Surface to Air is no newbie when it comes to multitasking. A creative agency founded in 2000 by Jérémie Rozan and Aldric Speer, they're known for dabbling in film, photography, design, communication, and the thing that ties them all together - fashion. Surface to Air's ready-to-wear line started with a men's collection in 2004, followed by the women's in 2007. The Marais flagship store, opened in 2010 and designed by Paris-based architect Federico Masotto, is the embodiment of Parisian style displayed in all its 150 square meter space. Streamlined jeans, unexpectedly-cut dresses, bomber jackets, and fashionable shoes and eyewear all hint at chic, sleek, slouchy and nonchalant, with just a hint of androgyny to round it all off. And to keep everyone on their toes, Surface to Air collaborates with world-renowned artists for exciting capsule collections, including Sonic Youth's Kim Gordon's mix-and-match pieces, Justice and Kid Cudi's leather jackets, Aaron Young's bold prints of sunsets and palm trees, and Kavinsky's varsity jackets. read more


  • Shopikon novis 03 cover home

    To celebrate and recognize new talent in the field of fashion design—rather than continuing to worship the established names of yore—Racked NY, in collaboration with a team of experts, including Steven Alan and Pamela Love, have settled on 15 winners from over 500 nominees of their Young Guns Class of 2014.   All of the winners are aged between 25 and 34, so depending on how…

  • Shopikon workshop coffee 06 cover home

      When Sting sung about his disdain for coffee and his preference for tea back in 1987 in his song Englishman in New York, a large percentage of Londoners could probably get on board with the Tantric One’s dismissal of a good cup of joe. Now though? Not so much. Now it’s all ‘where’s my macchiato and who the ‘F’ is Sting?’   Granted, artisan coffee took a little…