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New stores

  • Antiques

    The affluent neighborhood of Sant Gervasi is where you’ll find the cultured Gal Gallery. This elegant establishment is an anthropologist's dream, stocking interesting pieces from all over the World, different periods and a variety of styles: from wicker and rattan items, ethnic design pieces to brightly coloured handblown glass jars, provencal style furniture and vintage posters. They have also included a selection of contemporary gift items and decorative objects from Monapart Living, known for high quality products and the history of its brands. Inés de Carandini, the founder and owner, clearly has an collector's eye for interiors. She divides her time between scouring vintage markets, exploring the world for new trinkets and working on this entrepreneurial, deeply personal project. With her partner Manuel, the team counts decorators, window-dressers, hotels and restaurants among their clientele. They also customise certain pieces on request. Prices range from affordable to collectible, depending on which century and corner of the world your new objet d’art comes from.  read more

  • Comics

    On the leafy boulevard that rambles towards Parc de la Ciutadella in the cultured Eixample district, Norma Comics houses an exhaustive selection of illustrations and comics for every imaginable taste and demographic. The lower floor is home to the superheroes of the MARVEL universe and trending publications du jour (Harry Potter is the new kid on the block, while Ninja Turtles are all-time favorites). Several cabinets showcase hundreds of figurines, ranging from fun plastic Spidermen for €6 to over €1700 for a collectors' TinTin ship or boxed, collectible Batman. The upper level is dedicated exclusively to Japanese manga and anime with experts on hand to offer guidance on the freshest new additions to the store. Norma's own editorial line produces hundreds of books every week, from Guillermo del Toro's Pan's Labyrinth to experimental, paint-spattered illustrations and translations in Spanish and Catalan. To celebrate their 30th anniversary, Norma completely renovated the space in 2013 and added an area dedicated purely to regular signings and workshops. read more

  • Decor

    It is fitting that La Varieté should set up shop in Upper Raval – this area’s ever-changing nature echoes the store’s tagline, “…in continuous movement.” Constantly looking to re-imagine and re-create, everything you find here is Ricard Commeleran’s design-led solution to a product that already exists in one form or another. Originally trained in Fine Art, French-born Ricard’s exploratory nature led him to northern Thailand, where local craft workshops inspired him to create a fledgling range of elegant paper pouches that had once been concrete sacks in a previous life. In 2007 he set up his first shop in Mallorca and brought Varieté to Barcelona with his partner Raquel in 2011. The line has grown to include delicate wooden hangers, bracelets, curious wall hangings, hand-woven bottle-holders and cotton pillowslips, all of which are produced with a clean aesthetic in mind. Respect for detail is also reflected in the close relationships that Ricard has developed with the craftsmen he relies on for technical expertise. “It’s important to reduce. We find elegance in simplicity,” says Raquel.  read more


  • 10_watering-can_cover_home

    Consumers are being flooded with superflous products that are supposedly indispensable. Architect Katerina Kamprani, photographer Giuseppe Colarusso among others, have provided a fun take on the absurdity of modern day materialism and marketing by turning everyday products into literally useless objects. Here's a selection:     1. Toothbrush maracas …

  • Dsc00193_(1)-2_cover_home

      No one ever said New York City was paradise, but within the cityscape are places that lend solace to those of us drawn here by passion or necessity. Girding ourselves against the smell of piss, the push of crowds, and the cost of living, each one of us seeks our own small paradise in which to hide away. To lovers of design, fashion, art, architecture and all things beautiful, Rizzoli…